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The Liturgy Commission is concerned with the liturgical functions that serve as the primary demonstrative expressions of faith and worship. The commissions plans and assists in the coordination of liturgical, para-liturgical and special celebrations and events. To register for a Liturgical Ministry opportunity of Adult Choir, Mass Coordinator, Echaristic Minister, Lector, Altar Server or Usher please download the Minister Registration form, complete and return to the church office.

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Altar Servers, 3rd grade and up, male or female may serve – must have received First Communion
  • Arimathean Ministry
  • Art & Environment committee, floral and plant care, sewing and mending
  • Eucharist Minister for the sick and the homebound
  • Extraordinary Eucharistic Ministers
  • Lectors
  • Music program participation
  • Ushers
  • Volunteer as a team member or sponsor for the RCIA program
  • Wash and prepare altar linens

Arimathean Ministry

Members of the Arimathean Ministry provide assistance to the bereaved family and parishioners during a funeral Mass at Holy Family.  They assist with preparation of the funeral Mass and serve as Cross-Bearers, Altar Servers, Lectors and Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Eucharist when requested.

Services are usually requested on short notice, usually one or two days in advance and require only a few daytime hours. The Chairperson is Carole Scagnelli telephone 766-4530 or E-Mail

Current members include:

Tim Colt, Anne Harrison, Dennis Monaghan, Valerie Six, Tina & Hank Rudge, Pam Ryalls, LoriAnne Van Dyke, Jackie & Chuck Whitman, Carole Scagnelli, Liz Taffe, Caroline Gentleman, Jan Kelly, Mike Facciolo.

Charismatic Prayer Group

The Charismatic Prayer Group meets every Monday at 7:15 pm in the Chapel for petitioning, prayer and praise music including Bible reflections. All are welcome. Our Prayer Group leaders are Dick and Mary Ellen Foley. Following in question and answer format are answers to frequently asked questions about Charismatic Prayer Groups. We hope you will find this information helpful.

What is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?

A “Charismatic Prayer Meeting” is a weekly gathering of Christians to give praise, thanks, honor, and love to Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour. It is a time we gather in community, to praise God on a one-to-one basis, as the Holy Spirit moves us. A prayer meeting is not a discussion club, a therapy session, or a time for counseling. We come to give our full attention to Jesus, through the help of the Holy Spirit who will teach us all truth.

What is the Content of a Charismatic Prayer Meeting?

A gathering song; an opening prayer; a time of praise and worship; singing and prophecy, (God inspiring someone to speak); tongues (in song, praise, or prophecy); interpretation of tongues; ministering the Gifts of the Spirit to the people gathered in healing, miracles, and word of knowledge. Meetings usually last about 1 and one half hours.

Do I have to raise my hands or pray like others do?

No, you should pray as you feel comfortable, as if you were alone with Jesus. Pray as you feel comfortable, but also respect others, the way they pray and feel comfortable.

Do I have to Say “Praise the Lord, Alleluia”, etc. as others may do?

No, you do not have to say or do anything you are not comfortable with. Just keep open to the Holy Spirit and pray however you wish, just PRAY! As we learn why God wants us to praise, we will desire to change our form of worship, but pray as you know how.

Is a Prayer Group a Parish Organization?

No, a prayer group is made up of individuals who come together weekly as a family for the purpose of giving Jesus the praise He deserves. The first and primary purpose of all prayer is to praise and honor the God who created us and who gives us all the gifts we enjoy each day. 

What are the Spiritual Gifts We Pray For?

Word of Wisdom; Word of Knowledge; Faith; Prophecy; Discernment of Spirits; Tongues (Acts 2:4); Interpretation; Healing; Miracles.

Is the “Baptism in the Spirit” a New Sacrament?

No. It is the RELEASE of the POWER of the Holy Spirit already within US that we received by faith at our Confirmation, and now in our experience, to enable us to live the Christian life we want to live but had only been partially successful in doing. We will begin to experience a new ability to appreciate Jesus, the Bible, our daily prayer life, and our faith through this living experience. 

Do I Have to Speak at a Prayer Meeting?

No. Simply come to experience the life and love of Jesus, and as we are listening and praising and continuing to learn, we will find that the Holy Spirit will work in us to want to give back some of the love we have received through allowing the Holy Spirit in the use of the Gifts of the Spirit. The people that do speak are learning to let the Spirit lead them in how and when and what to say in the meeting.

What is a “Testimony”?

Telling how the Lord is working in your life. It will always be a first-hand experience, not another person’s story. If the testimony is led by the Spirit, the result will be that the center of the testimony will be the honor and glory of Jesus, not the person sharing. (See John 16: 14)

How Can I Grow Spiritually?

  • First, submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus in prayer, and talk to God as your loving Father who wants to teach you. Take time to listen for God to respond to your prayers.

·  Second, take time every day to read the Word of God, the Bible, to learn about your Father and the love of Jesus for you, and to learn who God says you are as a part of His Son Jesus.

·  Third, act on the new understandings you get from your prayer and Bible reading. (See Matt. 7:24-27 and James 1:22-25)

·   Finally, submit yourself to God to become a part of a prayer meeting where other people are seeking spiritual growth as you are. Apply yourself to learn through attending the teachings   offered, and God will do the rest.

 Why Do We Sing? (Colossians 3:16 and Ephesians 5:18­21)

Singing is a way of praying, praising, and worshipping God. St. Augustine said, “He who sings, prays twice.” Songs can turn our hearts and thoughts toward God, and help us to understand the presence of Jesus if they are well selected. We should PAUSE between songs, readings, prophecies, etc., and LISTEN. This is the time the Holy Spirit can talk to us. We need silence to Reflect and allow the Spirit to work.

 Why Do Some Greet Others with a Hug?

This is a sign of brotherhood and an action, based on our faith that we do Love with Jesus’ Love.

 Is a Charismatic Prayer Meeting Like a Eucharistic Celebration?

Don’t compare one with the other. In a prayer meeting, Jesus is present in a different way and for a different purpose. Both the Mass and the Charismatic Prayer Meeting are to bring glory to God as the Body of Christ, through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Only, we worship Him from an informal viewpoint, rather than a structured celebration. At a “Charismatic Mass” we experience the combining of these two forms of worship.