Pastoral Council

Council Membership
Pastor: Father James Stuhrenberg
Chairperson: Chris Parker

  • Bettina Alphonse
  • Christi Armato
  • Barb Blackledge
  • Joe Dickson
  • Martha Gomez
  • Deacon John Harrison
  • James Kimball
  • Justin LaFramboise
  • Vicki Meyers – Secretary
  • Chris Parker – Chairperson
  • Lyzbeth Roman
  • Mary Faith Stone

About Our Parish Pastoral Council

Meetings of the Parish Pastoral Council are held on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:00 p.m., excluding July, August & December. The meetings are open to all members of the parish; any and all are welcome to attend. Issues of importance to parishioners may be addressed by contacting any member of the Council for consideration at subsequent meetings.

Prior to Vatican Council II, authority, power and leadership in the Catholic Church had been vested principally in the clergy, with little or no power in the hands of the laity. The Council sought to rectify this injustice through the implementation of a conciliar process, which eventually became known as the Parish Pastoral Council.

The Guidelines of the Diocese of Charlotte, state that “The Parish Pastoral Council is an institution that brings together lay people, religious, and the ordained, who, together with their pastors, work jointly to build the parish as a living Christian community.” The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, which unites laity and clergy in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral planning.

The Parish Pastoral Council at Holy Family is presided over by our Pastor Father Michael; the Parochial Vicar assists him. The secretary is appointed by the Pastor.

Its appointed members “possess a consultative vote only” and the Council “is governed by norms determined by the diocesan bishop.” Each member serves a term of three years, staggered, so that certain new members are appointed each year.

Once each year, usually in April, parishioners may nominate people, including themselves, from among the laity for pastoral council consideration. Nominations are presented to the nominating committee comprised of three members of the Council who are appointed by the chairperson, at the March council meeting. The pastor, along with the nominating committee, selects three nominees to serve on the Council for the next three-year period.

The basic leadership role of the Council, in conjunction with the pastor, is to provide direction to the parish. This is accomplished through the pastoral planning process, which forms the basis of a written document entitled, “Parish Profile”, provided to the diocese about every three years.

The Parish Profile has a prescribed form and provides a three to five year vision for the parish. It encompasses a parish mission statement, goals and objectives for itself and those parish commissions charged with responsibility for carrying out the plans of the parish envisioned by the Council.

The commissions that have been established at Holy Family to assist the Council in developing pastoral plans and policies include Liturgy, Education, Community Life, Family Life, Evangelization / Ecumenism, Administration and Communication. Each commission has its own chairperson, mission statement, goals and objectives, in addition to its general responsibility for implementing the plans of the Council.