Pastoral Council

Council Membership
Pastor: Father James Stuhrenberg
Chairperson: Chris Parker

  • Bettina Alphonse
  • Christi Armato
  • Barb Blackledge
  • Martha Gomez
  • Deacon John Harrison
  • Justin LaFramboise
  • Leonard Mitchell
  • Vicki Meyers – Secretary
  • Luis Quimbaya
  • Joe Rogers
  • Lyzbeth Roman
  • Michelle Stanfield
  • Bob Webber

The Guidelines of the Diocese of Charlotte, state that “The Parish Pastoral Council is an institution that brings together lay people, religious, and the ordained, who, together with their pastors, work jointly to build the parish as a living Christian community.” The Parish Pastoral Council is a consultative body, which unites laity and clergy in a community of prayer, leadership, service and pastoral planning.

The Parish Pastoral Council at Holy Family is presided over by our Pastor Father James Stuhrenberg.