Our Staff

Reverend Dr. Steffen Fohn, Deacon

Deacon Steffen was ordained a Permanent Deacon in April of 2018.  As a Deacon he is able to assist at Mass, distribute communion, visit the sick, witness marriages, baptisms, funeral liturgies, and house blessings. Deacon Steffen leads the Altar Server Ministry.

Phone: (336) 764-2399
Email: steffen.fohn@gmail.com

Reverend James Stuhrenberg, Pastor

Father James was ordained to priesthood on June 3, 2006 in Charlotte, NC.  He joined Holy Family in july of 2020 as our Pastor.

Phone: 336-778-0600  (ext. 201)
Email: Frjames@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Reverend James Kang

Parochial Vicar

Fr. James was ordained a priest on April 24, 2003 in the Diocese of Buea, Cameroon, Africa. Father joined Holy Family as our Parochial Vicar in October of 2021.

Phone:  336-778-0600 (ext.202)
Email: frkang@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Reverend Mr. John Harrison

Deacon; Pastoral Advisor for Religious Education

Deacon John was ordained as a Permanent Deacon in May 2014.  He joined the Holy Family staff in May of 2016 as Pastoral Advisor for Religious Education overseeing the Faith Formation and Youth Ministry Programs and is the Confirmation Leader.  As a deacon, he is able to assist at Mass, distribute communion, visit the sick, witness marriages, baptisms, funeral liturgies, and house blessings.  He is chairman of the Liturgy Committee and Facilities Long Range Planning Committee.

Phone:  336-778-0600 (ext. 220)  
Cell:  336-970-0092
Email: deaconjohn@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Vicki Meyers

Office Manager

Vicki has been a part of the Holy Family Staff since July of 1999.  As Office Manager, she is in full charge of administrative work for the parish including but not limited to facilities scheduling and maintenance, priests’ schedules, payroll, accounts payable, correspondence with parishioners as well as many other parish projects that occur through out the year.  She is involved with all aspects of parish work.

Phone:  336-778-0600  (ext. 200)
Email:  vicki@holyfamilyclemmons.com


Paula Griffin

Data Manager

Paula joined the Holy Family Staff in June of 2001.  As our Parish Data Manager, she is in charge of all aspects of accounts receivable including but not limited to processing offertory.  Paula is in charge of the sacramental books and notifications.  She oversees the sales/accounting for the cemetery.  She maintains family and accounting records for Parish Soft.  Paula is also our Nursery Coordinator.

Phone:  336-778-0600  (ext. 218)
Email:  paula@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Melissa Witherspoon

Administrative Assistant

Melissa’s work as Administrative Assistant supports the Office Manager, Data Manager, Priests and Parishioners.  She joined the Holy Family staff in January of 2017.

Phone: 336-778-0600 (ext. 203)
Email: Melissa@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Peggy Schumacher

Director of Faith Formation

Peggy has been on the staff at Holy Family since July 2002.  As the Director of the Faith Formation Program, she is responsible for all Pre-school Programs and Grades 1 through 5. Peggy runs our VBS Program, IFF Program and is also in charge of Baptismal Prep & Baptisms.


Phone:  336-778-0600  (ext. 214)
Email:  peggy@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Katie McGuire

Administrative Assistant - Religious Education
Katie joined the Holy Family Staff in June 2020. Katie’s work as administrative assistant supports the Religious Education Team with administrative duties in every aspect.

Phone:  336-778-0600  (ext. 205)
Email:  Katiem@holyfamilyclemmons.com


Patricio Morillo

Director of RCIA

Patricio joined our staff in August of 2006 as the Director of RCIA and invites everyone in our community to welcome, and journey with, adults who want to explore their Catholic Faith.

Phone: 336-778-0600, ext. 262

Kevin Miller

Youth Minister

Kevin is responsible for our middle school youth ministry program grades 6th-8th.  He joined the Holy family Staff in June of 2020.

Phone: 336-778-0600 ext 204
Email: Kevin@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Jenn Barlow

Youth Minister

Jenn joined the Holy Family staff in March of 2017. She is responsible for the Youth Ministry Program better known as Life Teen for High School grades 9th-12th.

Phone: (336) 778-0600 ext 204

Jola Lewtak

Director of Music

Jola has been on the staff at Holy Family since June 2011 and is responsible for all music programs including our Adult & Youth Choirs, Handbell Choir, as well as music programs for Mass, Funerals, Weddings and other parish events.

Phone: (336) 778-0600 Ext. 206
Email: jola@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Gene Sampson

Maintenance Manager

Gene is responsible for the maintenance of our entire campus which includes our Church, Family Center, Youth Building, Cemetery, Picnic Shlter/Playground and Rectory.  He has been on our staff since March of 2013

Phone: 336778-0600, Ext. 210
Email: gene@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Philip Wright

Assistant Maintenance Manager

Phil joined our Holy family Staff in November of 2015 and assists with maintenance for our entire campus.

Phone: 336-778-0600 (ext. 210)
email: philip@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Maggie Hendrick

Bulletin Editor

Maggie is responsible for our weekly bulletin and has been a part of the Holy Family Staff since March 2013. 

Email:  hfbulletin@holyfamilyclemmons.com

Gerald Bryant

Business Manager

Jerry’s responsibilities include Fiscal Management to include budgets and forecasts, cash flow tracking, capital planning, prepare annual and semi-annual financial reports to the Diocese, working with IT to ensure efficient computer systems and prepare as well as maintain our Policy and Procedure Manuals.  Jerry has been part of the Holy Family Staff since May 2013.

Phone: 336-778-0600 x211
Email: gerald@holyfamilyclemmons.com